Be love // Jessica Brandau Photography // Fiercely Feminine

Lately I’ve been catching myself running away from my “purpose”. Putting up walls that I have worked so damn hard to break down over the last few years. Maybe it’s because my heart feels heavy for a myriad of reasons…maybe it’s because I have *so many* ideas in my head that I just don’t know where to even begin…or maybe it’s because I’m trying to shield myself from any possible pain, failure, and loss of control.

But if there is one thing that I know well, and have learned 100 times over from sharing my story (you can read that HERE, if you’d like) it’s that when our pain feels raw, when our insecurities feel exposed, and when our hearts feel forgotten…that is when we need to run like hell toward those feelings, not away from them. Our fear hides us away and builds walls. Love breaks it all open. Even when it’s hard, and scary, and vulnerable. Even when other people don’t understand, and they talk, and judge, and objectify. Knowing when to walk away from that and give ourselves space is hard. Actually creating that space is even harder. For me, it means sitting in unfamiliar territory, getting uncomfortable, and not running from the uncomfortableness, but allowing myself to stay in that space, and learning to embrace it. Letting go of control, and letting things flow naturally.

It’s not easy to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s some of the hardest shit that I’ve ever done.  But I know without a doubt that in order to live a life worth living…it’s 100% necessary. So, I urge you to join me in this messy, uncomfortable, vulnerable journey…and do the thing that you’re most afraid of. Walk away from the toxic relationship. Give up the doubt and comparison. Let go of the perfectionism. Give yourself grace. Book the photo shoot. Leave that job. Pursue whatever it is that makes you happy. Be free. Make art. BE LOVE. ❤️ xo- Jess