It’s been a hot minute (give or take a year or two😳) since I’ve blogged. But I had to break my blogging hiatus to tell you about this FUN new thing I’m implementing! 🙌

I’m starting up a referral program for all of my past (and future) clients!❤️

Why? Because my absolute favorite sessions are those that come from referrals. I have THE BEST clients, and well, you are the company you keep, right?! So of course I want to work with your friends! And, I mean, think about it- there are approximately 8,038,563,638 photographers in the La Crosse, WI to Madison, WI area…I’m sure you’ve met at least one or two of them…so it is seriously the BEST feeling to know that you chose me to work with out of all of those options, and I want to be able to give back and say THANK YOU!!!

The great thing about boudoir shoots is that they’re kind of addictive. (Yes, really. No lie.) You’ll have so much fun and feel like such a QUEEN at yours that I can promise you’ll want to do it again! So many of my girls start planning ahead for another session shortly after having their first…it is SUCH a confidence boost! (I’d like to make a note here that even the most conservative budget-making spouse is, without fail, always on board with a new book.😉) That being said- I know that as women we often have such a hard time taking time (and money) to invest in ourselves, so what better way to help get you in the studio again than to earn credit towards a future session?!

Refer 1 client: Refer 1 of your friends that books a session and get a $20 Visa gift card and some “Fiercely Feminine” merch!


Refer 2 clients: This is where it starts to get fun! Refer 2 friends that book a session and you’ll get a free “white sheet session”($150 value). What is a white sheet session? It’s essentially a mini session in the sheets. 😍 These are great because they require little to no planning. I recommend a simple bra and panty set for these…and our satin sheets. These are perfect for a little black book or a small canvas for the nightstand. I’m also including a $100 print credit towards that little black book…

Refer 3 clients: Send 3 of your friends my way and as soon as they book a session you’ll get a FREE regular boudoir session…all the pampering that comes with my pro-hair and makeup teams…an hour in the studio…AND $300 in product credit!

Refer 4 clients: Refer 4 friends my way and you can have whatever the hell you want. Dinner for two? You got it. A free boudoir session? Sure. My firstborn child? Let’s chat.😉

In all seriousness though…if you refer 4 friends who book you’ll receive a FREE regular boudoir session, my pro-hair and makeup teams, an hour in the studio, and $1,000 in product credit. Whaaaat?! I know. Sounds AMaZiNG right?! I want you to know how much I do truly appreciate you! The majority of my business has been built on referrals and I couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of you!😘

PLUS, in addition to all of this- your referrals will get some perks too…like some FREE Fiercely Feminine merch and $100 in product credit! Woot! Everybody wins!❤️

**Session referrals must book at full price and session deposits must be paid in full in order to qualify.