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I’ll be honest.

I sat down to write this blog post and I’ve done nothing but stare at an empty screen for what seems like an eternity.

You see, describing boudoir or what a boudoir session is like isn’t really helpful.

You get dressed up. You get treated like a model for a day. You get custom-selected products to memorialize your experience.

But….that description falls short.

I mean, sure – it might tell you what boudoir is.

….but it doesn’t tell you what boudoir means.

So instead, I thought the easiest way to explain would be to tell you a story.

A story about one of my clients.

A client who’s a woman just like you.

For privacy purposes I’ve changed her name, but her story is still true.

This is her story.

Meet Lexi.

Lexi was like most of my other clients. She was busy. She had a spouse, kids, a job, and all the responsibilities that come along with it.

…..Meaning, it had been forever since she had taken the time to do something just for her.

And like most women, she’s spent the majority of her life letting the media tell her how she should or shouldn’t look, what she should or shouldn’t wear, and what she should or shouldn’t say.

So when she got in touch with me, she was like so many women – nervous, anxious, and not really sure what she was getting herself into.

When she came to my studio, I could tell she was a bit nervous.

But like with all clients, I made her feel 100% comfortable – we joked around, told stories, and I expertly guided her through all of the posing.

Soon she let her guard down and was having fun.

….And was getting an opportunity to be completely, wholly, and unapologetically her.

Partway through the session I stopped and showed her a picture on the back of my camera.

Suddenly, she started crying.

“Oh no,” I thought. Something happened. What did I do wrong? Everything was going so well?

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. Whatever it was, I wanted to make sure I could fix it as soon as possible.

But what she said next really surprised me.

“I can’t believe that’s me. I can’t believe I’m that beautiful.”

You see, after a lifetime of absorbing mainstream media, and years spent putting everyone else’s needs before her own, Jessica had lost touch with who she was.

She spent all of her time looking at her flaws and none of the time appreciating all the beautiful parts of herself.

And she forgot that she was amazing, beautiful, and incredible just the way she was.

By seeing at the pictures I had taken, she had an opportunity to see herself through someone else’s eyes.

When she left my studio, she smiled a little bit wider, held her head a little bit higher, and loved herself a little bit more.

That’s what boudoir really is.

Boudoir isn’t just getting your pictures taken.

It’s an opportunity to reconnect with you.

It’s an opportunity to see yourself through someone else’s eyes.

It’s an opportunity to do something just for you – not for your spouse, not for your kids, not for your family, just you.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate you just the way you are, right now, today.

You don’t need to lose weight. You don’t need to be a size 2. You don’t need to be under 30.

You can be gorgeous and unapologetically you just the way you are.

And I would love to take the opportunity to show you 😉

Three Reasons Why Every Woman Should Book A Boudoir Session

The reason that women come to me for boudoir sessions is unique to every single woman.

Even so, here are a few big reasons why women book a boudoir shoot with me:

1. Self-Empowerment.

I work with a lot of women who have left abusive relationships, dealt with depression and anxiety, and have survived sexual assault.

Boudoir sessions are a way for them to see themselves in a different light, gain some of their self-confidence and bodily autonomy back, and reclaim themselves and their story.

I work extremely hard to create a safe space for women to be themselves, and I am so privileged that these women choose me as part of their healing journey.

2. A Celebration

I firmly believe that you are worth celebrating just the way you are! But sometimes in life, we reach certain milestones and we want a little extra celebration 😉

Women reach out to me to celebrate numerous achievements in their life – things like beating cancer, weight loss and celebration of their new body, and even women who have beat cancer, had mastectomies and new port scars, and so on.

Boudoir can be a huge step to accepting their new body.

3. A Gift For A Significant Other

Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or pre-wedding day gift, a lot of women book a boudoir session as a gift.

Though as I’m sure you’ve realized by now – most of the time they get more out of it than their spouse 😉

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