Annie and Gabe // Jessica Brandau Photography // Tomah, WI Wedding Photographer // Wisconsin Wedding

I don’t even know where to begin with Gabe and Annie’s wedding day….I’ve literally been looking forward to shooting this wedding since the day I met Annie and Gabe (when I showed up to do Annie’s senior photos. No lie.). You know how sometimes you can just TELL that people belong together? Yeah, that’s them.

I’ve gotten to know them and their people better over the last few years and they are seriously surrounded by some of the best humans that I know, so I knew that their wedding day definitely would not disappoint. The thing that really makes or breaks a wedding day vibe (for me) isn’t how cool the venue is…or how fancy the cake is…or even how trendy the dress is (although all of those details are great!)…but it’s how well everyone interacts with each other. How open everyone is to showing emotion. Laughing…crying…all of it! And there were so many wonderful, little, emotional moments throughout the day that I was honestly on cloud nine all. day. long. <3

Annie and Gabe- THANK YOU so much for having me document your day. It really was amazing, and SO much fun! xo 2018-10-19_00022018-10-19_00032018-10-19_00042018-10-19_00052018-10-19_00062018-10-19_00072018-10-19_00082018-10-19_00092018-10-19_00102018-10-19_00112018-10-19_00122018-10-19_00132018-10-19_00142018-10-19_00152018-10-19_00162018-10-19_00172018-10-19_00182018-10-19_00192018-10-19_00202018-10-19_00212018-10-19_00222018-10-19_00232018-10-19_00242018-10-19_00252018-10-19_00262018-10-19_00272018-10-19_00282018-10-19_00292018-10-19_00302018-10-19_00312018-10-19_00322018-10-19_00332018-10-19_00342018-10-19_00352018-10-19_00362018-10-19_00372018-10-19_00382018-10-19_00392018-10-19_00402018-10-19_00412018-10-19_00422018-10-19_00432018-10-19_00442018-10-19_00452018-10-19_00462018-10-19_00472018-10-19_00482018-10-19_00492018-10-19_00502018-10-19_00512018-10-19_00522018-10-19_00532018-10-19_00542018-10-19_00552018-10-19_00562018-10-19_00572018-10-19_00582018-10-19_00592018-10-19_00602018-10-19_00612018-10-19_00622018-10-19_00632018-10-19_00642018-10-19_00652018-10-19_00662018-10-19_00672018-10-19_00682018-10-19_00692018-10-19_0070s