Kaitlyn and Derick // Wisconsin Riverside Resort, Spring Green, WI // Madison, WI Wedding Photographer // Jessica Brandau Photography

Kaitlyn and Derick kicked off my 2018 wedding season last weekend at Wisconsin Riverside Resort and it was a start to the season that I will definitely never forget. Even in the midst of a Wisconsin spring blizzard they didn’t let the weather get the best of them, and were total troopers when it came to outdoor photos.

My favorite things about this day:

  • Kaitlyn and Derick are just genuinely sweet, down to earth people. They (and their families!) were so amazing to work with, and welcomed Krystal and I into the day seamlessly.
  • They did NOT freak out about the weather. It was COLD, you guys. And sleeting/snowing/windy all day long. They didn’t let that deter them from getting outside, and even though we had to do some improvising from our original plans, they just rolled with it. (have I ever told you how much I adore laid back couples?!)
  • The way that Derick and Kaitlyn looked at each other when they thought no one was watching. You’ll see in the photos below, but there were so many little moments throughout the day when they were stealing glances at each other and you can just tell how genuinely in love they are. And absolutely nothing makes me happier than that. ♥︎

Derick and Kaitlyn- Thank you so much for being so wonderful to work with! And for being such a great start to my wedding season this year!

And a super HUGE shoutout to my dear friend Krystal Muellenberg Photography for trekking through the storm with me and coming along to second shoot this wedding. Some of her photos are sprinkled throughout this blog post, where noted. Krystal, it is always so much fun shooting alongside you, and always an adventure! 😉



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