Reflections, a Giveaway, and Forever Dear Favorites

As 2014 comes to an end I’ve started thinking more and more about what an amazing year this has been for me. I’ve met some of the most heartfelt, genuine, down to earth people. People that have changed me, for the better…I’ve been blessed in SO many ways. I can’t even adequately put it into words.


Before I found photography I felt like I was just going through motions, like I wasn’t FULLY paying attention to anything that was going on around me…I was in a fog. This past year I feel like I’ve grown so much as a photographer, and as a person. Stopping to think about what is the most important to me, what makes me feel alive, and what makes my heart sing has been therapeutic for me. It has pushed me to cut out the excess, and focus on the little things. What REALLY feeds my soul.


Because YOU have all helped me so much in not only finding myself, but also in BELIEVING in myself, I want to try to return the favor. I will be doing a giveaway for a free session. I want you to nominate your friends or family or even yourself! If there is someone who maybe wouldn’t sign up for a session on their own, but totally deserve one…nominate them! Or someone who has had a rough year, and maybe doesn’t have the extra money to put towards professional photos…send their name my way!


All you have to do is email me ( or PM me on facebook with your name, who you would like to win the free session, and why you think they should win. The winner will be announced Wednesday, December 24th at 12pm. So you can make someone’s Christmas Eve extra special! 🙂




I am also running my very first Forever Dear Favorites contest! You can find it HERE on facebook, the winner (with the most “likes”) will recieve a FREE 16×20 canvas! Feel free to share, tag, and spread the word! *Winner will be announced Wednesday December 24 at 12pm*

In addition to everything else that I have going on here at FDP I am also offering a discount on weddings for a limited time! If you get something shiny for Christmas this year, and book before Jan. 15 2015 you will receive 10% off of the total package price. (Travel and tax not included)


I’m looking forward to an incredible 2015! Can’t wait to see you there!